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The American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF)

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 The American Nicaraguan Foundation (ANF) is by far the most renowned and complex of all the organizations studied. It also has the greatest impact in Nicaragua. The ANF was formed in 1992 by Nicaraguans in the United States and since … Continue reading



In this blog, I present some of the findings of my research on Nicaraguan immigrant organizations in South Florida and their links to Nicaragua. The study represents the first comprehensive study on Nicaraguan immigrant organizations in South Florida. Note to … Continue reading


The Nicaraguan American Nurses Association (NANA)

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 Nicaraguan American Nurses Association (NANA) The organization was founded in 1996 with the intention of supporting the professional efforts of Nicaraguan nurses in Miami and to formalize their assistance to communities in Nicaragua. Most members of this organization are immigrants from the … Continue reading


The Lions Club

The Lions’ Clubs Nicaraguans in South Florida have four organizations that operate under the Lions Club umbrella: the Miami-Managua Lions Club, the Miami-Nicaragua Lions Club, and two other clubs that have been formed very recently known as the Miami Camoapa … Continue reading


The Vicentinas in Nicaragua

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The Role of the Vicentinas in the Transnational Projects Martina Bolaños, Vice President of the Asociación Internacional de Caridades and Mercedes Bolaños Martínez, Nacional President of Voluntarias Vicentinas in Nicaragua (a Laic association founded in 1617 by San Vicente de Paul … Continue reading


The Chambers of Commerce and EXPONICA

The Nicaraguan American Chamber of Commerce is one of the oldest organizations formed by Nicaraguan immigrants in Miami. It was founded in 1986 with the aim of organizing Nicaraguan business owners and others interested in the entrepreneurial development of Nicaraguans. The Nicaraguan Bankers … Continue reading


Cultural Organizations

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There are several Nicaraguan immigrant organizations that focus on the promotion of Nicaraguan culture in South Florida and cultural relations transnationally; they include: Instituto Cultural Rubén Darío (Movimiento Mundial Dariano). Fundación Internacional Rubén Darío. Círculo de Escritores y Poetas Iberoamericanos. … Continue reading