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Professor Hector Dario Pastora (left) and Dr. Nahoito Watanabe, Consul of Japan in Miami and Vicepresident of the Movimiento Mundial Dariano, as they welcome a new member during the celebration of the 142th anniversary of Ruben Dario’s birth, Miami, 2010

There are several Nicaraguan immigrant organizations that focus on the promotion of Nicaraguan culture in South Florida and cultural relations transnationally; they include:

Instituto Cultural Rubén Darío (Movimiento Mundial Dariano).

Fundación Internacional Rubén Darío.

Círculo de Escritores y Poetas Iberoamericanos.

Fiestas Patronales de San Sebastian. 

Community Performing Arts Association.

The Instituto Cultural Ruben Dario (Movimiento Mundial Dariano), directed by Professor Hector Dario Pastrora with the systematic assistance of Rosario Roman has been actively involved in promoting the work of Ruben Dario, an icon of Nicaraguan and global culture. The organization has also crafted Dario’s image in the area of Sweetwater through its identification with relevant buildings and public spaces.

Thus, in Sweetwater one can find Ruben Dario Middle School, and an avenue and a park named after Ruben Dario. In a recent event, the organization celebrated the 144th anniversary of the birth of the prominent Nicaraguan intellectual and writer with the restoration a statue devoted to his memory. A series of speakers from the Nicaraguan community offered their homage during the event.

The Fundación Internacional Rubén Darío whose director is Dr. Aaron Tuckler also focuses on the promotion of Dario’s work and the promotion of cultural activities among Nicaraguans in Miami. In addition, this organization is planning the reconstruction of a major library in Managua which was destroyed during the earthquake of 1972 and has developed other projects there.

Flor Tuckler, the wife of Dr. Aaron Tuckler assists him with the projects of the Fundacion Internacional Ruben Dario and she is also involved as a volunteer in the committees in support of the Instituto Juan Pablo Segundo (see this blog) and the Centro de Ancianos de Leon (see this blog), organizations with which Dr. Tuckler also cooperates.

The Círculo de Escritores y Poetas Iberoamericanos, which focuses on the promotion of Nicaraguan culture and Nicaraguan writers, among other Iberoamerican writers and intellectuals in South Florida is led by Nicaraguan intellectual and community activist Cesar Lacayo who until recently also led the Miami-Managua Lion’s Club.

The organization Fiestas Patronales de San Sebastian is led by Nubia Pomar, who has taken the lead in organizing a replica of the Fiestas Patronales celebrated in the region of Diriamba in Miami. This tradition includes street celebrations with dance and theatrical performances through three representations: El Gueguense, El Toro Huaco, and El Gigante.

These celebrations, which involve professional dancers and the training of young Nicaraguan Americans in traditional dance styles, were initiated by Nicaraguans in Miami in the early 1990s. Nubia and her family and friends and other Nicaraguan collaborators have kept the tradition by maintaining a formal organizational structure associated with the celebrations.

Other Nicaraguan Patrons festivities are celebrated by Nicaraguans in Miami. La Purisima y la Griteria festivities in commemoration of the Virgin of Asuncion, the patroness of Nicaragua, is the most renown one albeit this kind of celebration does not tend to be associated with a specific organization.

The Community Performing Arts Association, inaugurated in 2000, is led by Hector Guitierrez. This organization focuses on the promotion of Nicaraguan and Central American cultural expressions in the Greater Miami Area.

The members of the most established cultural organizations have a long record of involvement in humanitarian projects in Nicaragua, mainly related to relief efforts in times of crises.

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