Comites de Apoyo and Instituto Juan Pablo Segundo y al Asilo de Ancianos de Leon

Comité de Apoyo del Instituto Técnico Especializado Juan Pablo Segundo

In the year 2005, a group formed by Nicaraguan women from the Pacific created the Miami committee in support of the Instituto Técnico Especializado Juan Pablo Segundo. The Institute offers technical education to young Nicaraguans from predominantly poor families.

The technical programs are meant to prepare the students for the job market by training them in several specialties such as carpentry, culinary training, the apparel confection, and computer training, among others.

The Miami committee is led by the artist Rosario Ortiz de Chamorro and it is constituted by several women whose initiatives are supported by their husbands and in some cases other members of their families.

The members of El Comite de Apoyo provide funds to cover year-round scholarships (which are about 375 US dollars per student) and some of the Institute regular expenses. In addition, it has contributed funds for the improvement and expansion of the Institute as well as technical expertise for remodeling projects.

Between 2005 and 2008 the committee contributed more than 100,000 US dollars. Specific projects have included the construction of a kitchen and a bakery which will enable the Institute to offer training as bakers to students from all over the country, the building of a center for the design and the making of clothes which is meant to produce high quality apparel for commercial purposes in the future to assist with the finances of the institute, the reparation and remodeling of the building, and the construction of a computer lab. The Institute is also supported by Nicaraguan immigrants who have settled in San Francisco and Virginia.

El Comité de Apoyo  al Hogar de Ancianos de León

The members of the Comité de Apoyo del Instituto Técnico Especializado Juan Pablo Segundo also support other activities in Nicaragua related to cultural activities and makes important contributions to the Leon Home (Asilo de Ancianos de Leon).

Members of these organizations tend to belong to families that have developed a transnational lifestyle that includes frequent trips to Nicaragua in relation to investments and to promote cultural activities, while some of them have second-homes there.

Both the Comité de Apoyo al Asilo de Anciano de León and the ANF have supported the Asilo. Members of these committees and the ANF also tend to participate in their respective fundraising activities.

The committees supporting the Leon Home and Instituto Tecnico Especializado are also linked to one of the cultural organizations through family ties. Flor Tucler, one of the women of the committees, is the wife of Aaron Tuckler, the president of the Instituto Cultural Rubén Darío, an organization whose activities and projects, including a recently conceptualized project for the construction of a library in Managua, these committees also tend to support.

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