American Fraternity (Nicaraguan Fraternity originally)

American Fraternity and known as Nicaraguan Fraternity until the passage of NACARA in 1997 has been led by Nora Sandigo, a well known Nicaraguan community activist, since the foundation of the organization in 1989.

American Fraternity has systematically followed up on immigration issues affecting Nicaraguans. It has also channeled assistance to Nicaraguans in need, including but not limited to Nicaraguan refugees who were demobilized from the Contras and reached U.S. soil with little economic means. Other projects have included issues related to civic engagement and educational training for members of the community.

Nora Sandigo explains that the organization currently focuses on promoting immigration reform in stopping deportation and in assisting children whose close relatives have been deported or are in detention centers. A major focus of American Fraternity is providing assistance to families whose children are left behind or about to be left behind because both parents, or at least one of them, have been deported or are subject to deportation.

One of the functions of this organization since its formation has been the bridging of community members with legal experts on immigration issues. The organization, in cooperation with other organizations and attorneys, has advanced several legal actions against federal authorities on immigration issues.

Nicaraguan Fraternity was very actively involved in the social movement that led to the passage of NACARA in 1997. Some Nicaraguan are gaining greater awareness on this issue and have been calling for the participation in a nation-wide movement like the one that anteceded NACARA but Miami is set to see the same levels of street mobilization of the late 1990s.

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