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Organizations and the Atlantic Coast

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Awareness of the problems associated with extreme poverty and others related to underdevelopment in the regions of the Atlantic have made Nicaraguan formal nonprofit organizations and informal Hometown Associations of immigrants from the Atlantic Coast emphasize on projects that could assist certain populations in … Continue reading


Organizations focused on transnational civic engagement

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Since the early 1990s, most Nicaraguan immigrant organizations have tended to focus on humanitarian and pro-development projects, cultural projects, or they have functioned as professional organizations. However, several organizations involved in transnational civic engagement have emerged since 2004, most of … Continue reading


The Nicaraguan Civic Task Force

The Nicaraguan Civic Task Force is the oldest and one of the most recognized organizations among those with systematic involvement in transnational civic engagement. The organization was founded in 1986 for the purpose of facilitating civic engagement of Nicaraguans in the United … Continue reading


American Fraternity (Nicaraguan Fraternity originally)

American Fraternity and known as Nicaraguan Fraternity until the passage of NACARA in 1997 has been led by Nora Sandigo, a well known Nicaraguan community activist, since the foundation of the organization in 1989. American Fraternity has systematically followed up … Continue reading


Comite de Nicaraguenses Pobres en el Exilio

The Comite de Nicaraguenses Pobres en el Exilio (CONIPOE) (Committee of Poor Nicaraguans in Exile) was founded by Nicaraguan activist Cristobal Mendoza in 1986. The organization was created at a time in which the waves of immigration from the political … Continue reading


ANEA, NAMA and other Professional Organizations

The Association of Nicaraguan Engineers and Architects (ANEA), founded in 1985, and the Nicaraguan American Medical Association (NAMA), founded in 1987, are the oldest Nicaraguan professional organizations  among those currently active in Miami Dade County. An antecedent of NAMA was … Continue reading


La Liga Nica de Deportes (Frente Deportivo originally)

La Liga Nica de Deportes or la Liga de los Deportes Nicaraguenses was founded in the 1980s as Frente Deportivio and is currently directed by Lester Aviles. * The material included in this post is copyrighted material and copyrights laws … Continue reading